Group services

Finsea – Group services embody the essence of intra-group synergies, representing an essential basis and a driving force for efficiency and cohesion within Finsea.

Our daily work is to centralize and optimize a series of essential services, thus ensuring that each individual operational unit of the Group can focus on its specific competencies and core business.

What We Do

We support the Group’s operational activities

People are the heart of the Finsea Group, and this business unit is entrusted with all activities related to human resources, from the selection and training of personnel to career management and employee well-being. This ensures a stimulating and inclusive work environment, promoting the professional and personal growth of every member of the Group.

We provide administrative and financial support, ensuring efficient accounting management and strategic financial planning, allowing other business units to benefit from financial stability and optimal resource management.

We take care of management control, monitoring, and analyzing company performance to ensure the achievement of strategic objectives.

The communication and marketing department is responsible for developing internal and external communication strategies to strengthen the Group’s market image. Centralized management of marketing campaigns and public relations allows us to exploit synergies between different units, amplifying the effectiveness of promotional initiatives and corporate communications.

We take care of business growth, supporting the expansion of the Finsea Group through the development of new business opportunities and the construction of strategic partnerships that facilitate entry into new markets and continuous innovation.

The management of insurance and claims is a crucial aspect to maintain customer trust and ensure high-quality service. Finsea – Group Services centralizes the management of claims, ensuring a rapid and effective response to customer problems.

The Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment department ensures that all Group units operate in compliance with the strictest regulations. This not only ensures the protection of personnel and the environment but also contributes to improving operational efficiency and reducing risks related to the Group’s activities.

Our Services

For operational excellence and the growth of the Group


  • Human Resources
  • Procurement
  • Accounting and finance
  • Management control
  • Communications and marketing
  • Business development
  • Claims and insurances
  • Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment
  • IT services
  • Real estate management

Our IT department is responsible for developing, implementing, and maintaining technological infrastructures, ensuring that all units have access to the most advanced and secure digital tools.

Efficient management of the real estate portfolio is another key task that includes the supervision and maintenance of the Group’s properties, ensuring that all real estate assets contribute positively to the company’s financial report.