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We aspire to build a future by moving towards a more connected and responsible world, where each shipment is not just a transfer of goods but a bridge between cultures and communities. Generating a positive impact beyond geographical boundaries and influencing society, promoting significant and lasting change.
Together to get there.



To lead the evolution of the logistics sector through innovative and sustainable solutions, committing ourselves to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. We dedicate ourselves to expanding transportation methods and optimizing supply chains with integrity and transparency; ensuring cutting-edge services and evaluating the best strategies to promote a business approach that is respectful of people and the planet.

The Group

The Activities

Our main activity is structured into four distinctive business units working in synergy, providing specialized solutions for each phase of the logistics chain.

Finsea – Shipping agency offers logistical and administrative assistance and commercial representation to shipowners for any type of service.

Finsea – Land transport is focused on the road and rail transport of goods.

Finsea – Global logistics coordinates and manages all aspects related to the shipment of goods, from transport management to the preparation of accompanying documents and customs requirements.

Finally, Finsea – Group services perform daily activities for the group’s operational departments and represents the core internal organisation.

In recent years, Finsea has also developed two complementary business units: Finsea – Shipping yards, through Genova Industrie Navali, providing refitting, repair, and building services, using four facilities in the Mediterranean and Finsea – Shipping lines operating in the passenger transport sector, managing ferry lines.


Finsea Ethical Code

Our Commitment

Our entrepreneurial philosophy places ethics at the centre of our daily actions, essentially the foundation for our success; fundamental in the realm of corporate responsibility to foster constructive social relationships.

Every day, the activities of the Finsea Group embody our social commitment, contributing to the improvement of the communities in which we operate.

The Ethical Code, an integral part of our corporate culture, aims to raise awareness and promote a sense of responsibility among all our collaborators. It is a testimony of our commitment to integrity and moral conduct in every aspect of our work.

We want to share and promote a structured and consistent approach to corporate responsibility, within the group and in our relationships with external stakeholders. We invite everyone to read our Ethical Code to better understand how we lead our company with solid moral values, instilled in social responsibility.

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

“Although profit is obviously important for the survival and growth of a company, it is not the only factor that determines its success. A company that values its resources and cultivates positive relationships among colleagues can achieve lasting success that goes beyond mere financial gains.”

Jean Oelwang

Enduring trust, unwavering respect, united beliefs, shared humility, nourishing generosity and empathy.

These are the key ingredients for building co-creation, nurturing partnerships thus moving towards solving the urgent and interconnected social issues of our time.

The Finsea Group and the companies of the group are committed to creating sustainable long-term value for all stakeholders at the economic, environmental, social, and governance levels, generating value for the communities in which they operate.

We are committed to maintaining high standards of economic and environmental efficiency in all our business operations, contributing to the improvement of people’s well-being and quality of life.

Dedicating ourselves to the continuous improvement of services and to mitigating the environmental impact resulting from our activities, while keeping innovation constantly in mind.


Our History

For nearly fifty years, we have been one of the protagonists in the Port of Genoa, together with our staff of over 250 people. Initially, as maritime agents, representing major liner shipping companies such as Yang Ming Line, United Arab Shipping Company, China Shipping Container Line, and Grimaldi Lines. Later specializing in tramp traffic, in the field of both liquid and dry bulk, in particular, coal and cement.

We further consolidated our activities in logistics and transport, becoming customs brokers, shareholders of the main railway operator in Northwest Italy, and acquiring a road transport company.

Our drive for diversification has led us to be established in the market of project cargo and break bulk services, leading to activities assisting the yachting sector with a specific brand.

Thanks to the entry into the shareholding structure of two companies in the Balkans in 2022, we offer port and logistics services also from and to Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Serbia.

We played a leading role in the privatization of port docks in Italy, in 1993, with the founding of
the Terminal Contenitori Porto di Genova – Sech di Calata Sanità. This entrepreneurial venture expanded to involvement also in the terminals of PSA Genova-Pra’, in the Vecon terminal of Venice, in the Terminal Darsena Toscana of Livorno, in the Terminal Rinfuse Genova. These activities ceased in 2017, with the sole exception of the partnership with Terminal Cilp of Livorno.

The conclusion of this important chapter led to reinvestment in Genoese companies ; in Genova Industrie Navali (GIN), a holding company that includes two key actors in the shipbuilding sector such as T. Mariotti and San Giorgio del Porto, as well as numerous others related to shipbuilding.

During our professional journey, we have also become shipowners and today we are present in two important companies, BN di Navigazione (Blu Navy), that connects Italy (Piombino) to the Island of Elba (Portoferraio) and Ichnusa Lines that operates between Sardinia (Santa Teresa Gallura) and Corsica (Bonifacio).

In 2023, due to an analysis of the recognizability and enhancement of our brand and the importance its visibility in the market, a decision was taken to embark on a significant journey, renewing and strengthening the identity of our brand.

We are launching our new brand in 2024; the result of a collective effort. Every word, colour, and detail has been carefully chosen, considering the market, our DNA and feedback from our people. We want the brand to reflect our identity, the fundamental values of the Finsea Group, our ambition and commitment to the future, while maintaining quality, innovation, and our distinctive style.


Our Values

Our values are the heart of our identity: not mere words, but principles that guide our actions, inside and outside the Group.



Transparency is fundamental for all relationships.
Integrity guides our decisions and actions, creating trust among employees, customers and partners. Respect for our values, is expressed in our relationships and consists of listening to all points of view, courtesy and good manners.
Trust is the foundation for building solid relationships. With commitment and seriousness, we respect our word and take on responsibilities.

This attitude generates an atmosphere of confidence and tranquility, essential for effective collaboration.



Being a family, in a company, means building trust and supporting each other, to grow together: merging different talents, working in synergy, where every contribution is valuable and recognized. Human relationships are at the centre of our ethos, guiding dialogue with different cultures thus enriching us.

An inclusive and diverse environment is promoted. The Finsea Group is not just a workplace, but a community, where individuals actively contribute to the collective well-being.



Our mission is driven by passion and enthusiasm: this means encouraging continuous learning, teamwork, innovation, full expression of individual skills, both personal and professional growth.

We believe in the power of collaboration.

We work synergistically, sharing the responsibilities of the results. Collaborating to solve problems and transform individual goals into common goals because each success is everyone’s success.



Connection with the territory represents a mainstay of our identity.

This is expressed through our commitment to contribute to the development and well-being of the territory: consolidating a relationship of mutual respect and support through a series of initiatives related to the world of sports, culture, health and childhood.


Synergy with the Territory

The Finsea Group has always been dedicated to its territory, supporting associations and institutions in the socio-health, cultural, and sports fields.

This commitment reflects our desire to actively contribute to the well-being and progress in the communities in which we operate.

The Genoa Lighthouse

The city’s symbol is the “Lanterna” (the Lighthouse of Genoa). Situated on the promontory of Capo di Faro, 77 meters high, making it the tallest lighthouse in the Mediterranean and the second in Europe.

Built in 1543, from an existing tower present in the 12th century, it originally served as a watchtower and later as a lighthouse, which used fire to signal the arrival of suspicious ships.

The tower has undergone various transformations over the centuries, resisting bombings and storms.

A museum dedicated to the Lighthouse of Genoa and the Museum of the Lighthouses and Lanterns is housed in the surrounding fortifications. The “Lanterna” walkway, built in 2001, connects the city to its symbol, offering a panoramic view of the Port of Genoa.
Finsea is the main partner of the project “Together for the Lanterna” contributing to the enhancement of the monument.

Rolli Days

In 1576, the Senate of the Republic of Genoa established the “Rolli of public accommodations,” a register of the principal aristocratic palaces of the city, still preserved today at the State Archives of Genoa.

In those years, the aristocratic families had renovated many of the ancient residences in the historical centre and built new, luxurious residences along Strada Nuova, now Via Garibaldi.

Since the Ducal Palace could not host state guests for political and logistical reasons, the owners of the listed palaces received diplomats, dignitaries, and aristocrats visiting the Republic, covering all expenses.

This unique model of public hospitality contributed to Genoa’s fame in Europe for the quality of its architectures and for its refined lifestyle, thanks also to illustrious guests such as the Flemish painter Peter Paul Rubens.

Finsea, proudly supports the local council of Genoa in the promotion the historical-cultural heritage of the city, a Unesco World Heritage site.

The Genoa Half Marathon

We are dedicated to empowering our teams, recognizing the intrinsic value of people in our success. We actively participate in sporting events, such as the Genoa Half Marathon and CorriGenova, to foster group cohesion and promote an active lifestyle among our collaborators.

We value sport as a tool for inspiration, encouraging the creation of a healthy and motivating work environment. We believe that well-being is fundamental for the success of the entire organization.

Sea Stories Festival

For years, Finsea has been contributing to the realization of the Sea Stories Festival, a summer event cherished by the audience of Igor Chierici and Luca Cicolella, young artists with increasingly solid foundations. The artistic duo shows their appreciation with increasingly elaborate and enjoyable performances, whose main theme is maritime adventures. The stage, gently rocked by the light waves of the Porto Antico in Genoa, along with the hypnotic creaking of the barges, becomes an evocative setting for the stories represented.

Sporting Club Quinto

The Finsea Group is proud to support Sporting Club Quinto, which, founded in 1921, is now the benchmark for water polo in the city. Its first team is the only team from the Municipality of Genoa to compete in the top national men’s league, Serie A1, and to participate in a European competition, the LEN Euro Cup.

However, Sporting Club Quinto is not just about its first team. Behind it, there is a thriving and successful youth sector, consisting of more than 100 athletes divided into 7 teams, all registered in the FIN championships. For the past eight years, the club has shifted the focus of almost all its activities to the “Paganuzzi” pool at the Albaro Swimming Pool. Here, the first team trains and plays its home games, and here, the “champions of tomorrow” grow after their initial period of activity at the Pio Parma pool.


Charity partnership

Porto dei Piccoli

The Finsea group supports the association Porto dei Piccoli, which has provided support to over 270,000 children and adolescents in its 19 years of activity. Expanding its presence across various Italian regions and initiating collaborations with some of the country’s leading pediatric centres, including the G. Gaslini Pediatric Hospital in Genoa. The Association is dedicated to every child, regardless of their condition, through a range of playful activities, extending its support to the entire family unit.

Play is an essential right for every child, especially during illness and hospitalization. The association’s activities promote psychological well-being through a Play Specialist, a professional who uses “medical play” to alleviate the fear of the hospital environment. This approach helps children feel more comfortable with the medical staff and to experience the hospital as an extension of their home.


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