Land transport

Our main activity is the rail and road transport of goods.

We guarantee our customers service at all Italian, Slovenian, and Croatian ports and on the main European routes: offering exclusive coverage in Italy. We deal with shipping companies, international freight forwarders, importers, and exporters.

What We Do

We manage all modes of land transport

We manage all modes of transport: container, conventional (FTL and LCL), exceptional and special (ADR, CER, and Reefer), intermodal and multimodal.

Over the years, we have extended our transport activities with a series of complementary services that meet the needs of our customers making shipments easier: such as emptying and filling, customs or temporary custody warehouses, customs declarations, storage warehouses, weighing, fumigation, sale, and rental of containers.

Our Services

Land transport and ancillary services


Road transport
  • Container (FCL e LCL)
  • Conventional (FTL and LTL)
  • Exceptional
  • Special (CER, ADR, Reefer)
Intermodal transport
  • Rail transport port – intermodal terminal – port
  • Intermodal terminal and depot
  • Fast corridor
Multimodal Transport
  • Rail – Road – Ocean
  • Sea – Air
Ancillary Services
  • Sale and rental of containers
  • Certified weighings
  • Flexitank installation
  • Sale of tarpaulins
  • Temporary custody
  • Sale of dunnage materials

Land Transport
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Filippo Gallo

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MTO (Multi Transport Operator) began its operations in 1994 as the logistics office for the Finsea Group’s maritime agencies, managing transportation and all ancillary operations for Yang Ming Italy, China Shipping, Uasac Italy, and Grimaldi for the NVOCC Sarjak Container Lines.

In the 2010s, market development and the following phase of shipping mergers represented a turning point for MTO. A new entrepreneurial path, thanks to market knowledge, experience, determination, and the stability of the Finsea Group.

The new MTO first made its decade-long experience available to Italian freight forwarders, becoming a logistics carrier also for merchant haulage transports for all shipping companies, inaugurating two new services dedicated to special and conventional transports.

Bringing to its customers the guarantee of finding a solution. Today, MTO offers a comprehensive land transport service on the main European routes and almost all national ports.

Main Activities

  • Container transports (FCL and LCL)
  • Conventional transports (FTL and LTL)
  • Exceptional transport
  • Special transports (ADR, CER, and Reefer)
  • Intermodal Transport

Silt, Integrated Systems of Logistics and Transport, founded in 1994 by a group of Genoese entrepreneurs, now part of the Finsea Group, has established itself as a solid reality in the global container transport market. With headquarters in Genoa and four operational offices in Vado Ligure, Genoa Voltri, La Spezia, and Trieste, Silt has marked a turning point in the sector, becoming a national reference point.

It offers daily services from the main Italian ports, for large shipping companies and international freight forwarders, as well as small and medium-sized freight forwarders and manufacturers. Silt’s specific know-how is supported by a fleet of 50 owned vehicles and 50 semi-trailers, in addition to a network of partners that allows managing 35,000 annual shipments and covering 11 million km per year, relying on a workforce of 65 employees, including operational staff and drivers.

The process efficiency and the punctuality of transport is appreciated by over 120 customers, confirming Silt as a reliable and competitive partner, capable of responding precisely to the specific needs of each customer.

Main Activities

  • Container transports

Logtainer specializes in the railway and intermodal transport of containers, connecting the main Italian ports with the key areas of production and consumption.

With strategic locations in the major Italian ports such as Genoa, Livorno, La Spezia, Trieste, and Naples, and the availability of a railway system that reaches the terminals of Milan, Padua, Rubiera, and Bologna, Logtainer offers a unique competitive advantage. The network of over 6000 annual trains reflects the commitment and dedication to providing timely and quality service.

The company also has a fleet of 500 trucks, in part self -owned and with access to specialized carriers who offer exclusive services; located in Genoa, Vado Ligure, La Spezia, Livorno, Limito di Pioltello, Rubiera, Bologna, Padua, Naples, and Salerno. Its intermodal transport network ensures widespread distribution, consolidating its position among the leading companies in the sector in Italy.

Main Activities

  • Intermodal Transport
  • Road Transport



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