Shipping agency

We offer a wide range of services and logistical, administrative, and commercial support to both shipowners and ship operators as well as exporters, importers, and traders who manage goods in Italian, Slovenian, and Croatian ports through the major maritime routes.

We are recognized for our expertise in both regular line traffic and tramp ships spot operations, managing any type of cargo over nearly fifty years of experience in the sector.

What We Do

Maritime Agency and Port Services

We handle arrival and departure procedures, cargo-related documentation and procurement, relations with terminals for loading and unloading operations, coordination of logistical operations to and from ports, and management of the empty container fleet.

We also offer regional and global hub agent services, post-fixture services for shipowners or commercial fleet operators, husbandry services, port captain and cargo operations supervision, and marketing intelligence.

Our Services

Liner and tramp agency, yachting, Customs formalities


Regular Lines
  • Container ships
  • Ro-Ro ships
  • Car carriers
  • Multipurpose conventional ships
Tramp Agency
  • Tanker vessels (Crude Oil, Products, Chemical, LPG/LNG)
  • Dry and break bulk carriers
  • Navy ships
  • Shipyard agency and repair
  • Assistance to captains
  • Food and beverage
  • Guest services (concierge services)
  • Technical support
  • Assistance with shipping and transport
Customs Formalities
  • Management and presentation of incoming and outgoing cargo manifests and requests for sea clearance.
  • Customs assistance for direct transhipments.
  • Management of onboard equipment and customs declaration of vessels.

Shipping Agency
BU Director

Riccardo Scafidi

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One of the principles that has always guided business development in the Finsea Group is the creation of strategic alliances with local professionals, valuing their skills and experience. Thus, providing an in-depth knowledge of the dynamics of the territory and the local market, as well as a consolidated network of contacts with national stakeholders.

Founded in 2021 together with our historical partner, TPG Agency, Adriasea represents the first step towards the internationalization of the Finsea Group, expanding our business beyond national borders.

Specialized in maritime transport and international shipments, the company is based in Koper, Slovenia, with representative offices in Bosnia and Herzegovina and, since 2023, also in Serbia.

Main Activities

  • Liner and tramp agency
  • Logistics services and land transport
  • Shipments by sea, land, and air

In 2021, the Finsea Group reinforced its presence in the Balkan area, in Croatia, entering the corporate structure of Gate Express together with the Gandur family, already a shareholder of the company and operating in Turkey with well-established logistics activities. Gate Express was founded as an independent maritime agency, representing Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation in Croatia.

With over 17 years of experience in the logistics sector, Gate Express offers reliable and cutting-edge logistics solutions to its customers. It is a maritime agency and freight forwarder that manages the import, export, and transit of various types of goods from source to destination. It also oversees a variety of transport operations and provides integrated logistics services to our customers.

Main Activities

  • Liner agency
  • Logistics services and land transport

Intersea is the original name of the group’s maritime agency, founded in 1979, which was the starting point and holds a unique value. Today it represents the Italian shipowner Grimaldi Lines for West Africa and South America with lines departing from the Mediterranean. Its team specializes in various product sectors such as roll-on/roll-off, project cargo on MAFI trailers, and containers of all types.

This activity led to a branch also being established in Livorno. Intersea, also manages the Grimaldi lines towards the Middle East and the United States.

It has expanded its horizons, with new relations and commercial routes, becoming an agent also for some NVOCCs such as Sarjak Container Lines; which with a fleet of special equipment combined with slot agreements with global carriers is expanding in the project cargo market.

Main Activities

  • Roll-on/roll-off
  • Project cargo on mafi
  • Special container


Medmar Tramp is the Finsea Group’s agency dedicated to the tramp sector, ensuring fast and secure services to shipowners and traders of dry and liquid cargoes.

The key characteristic of this sector is the continuous variability of demand. Medmar Tramp guarantees assistance in terms of tramp ships and break bulk including maritime recommendation, brokerage, and consultations on embarkation and disembarkation, terminal and port scouting, port costs calculations and demurrage. Managing varying types of vessels and cargo: liquid bulk (oils, petroleum products, chemicals), solid bulk (minerals, coal, steel, fertilizers, cement), gas, and projects.

The head office is in Genoa with branches in Savona, La Spezia, Livorno, Augusta, Ravenna, Venice, Trieste and three subagencies in Naples, Koper, and Rijeka; providing the basis for a wide network of agents and consultants covering all the main Italian ports, guaranteeing a punctual and efficient service.

Main Activities:

  • Dry bulk
  • Liquid bulk
  • LNG

Every shipment is unique in the world of break bulk. Multi Marine Services (MMS) offer tailor-made solutions and ensures that every operation is managed with the utmost precision, efficiency, and safety. There are no standardized solutions in this sector and the success of each shipment depends on operational competence and the ability to adapt and respond to the specific customer needs.

It is a maritime agency founded in 1994 with an extensive experience in project cargo, break bulk, and heavy lift traffic, renowned for its excellence in assisting multipurpose ships. It offers supervision and operational support services during loading and unloading operations, ensuring that each phase is managed with precision and in compliance with regulations.

In addition, Multi Marine Services has developed a chartering department which deals with the management and rental of ships with varying requirements, providing flexible and customized solutions for maritime transport.

Main Activities:

  • Steel
  • Forest products
  • Project cargo
  • Yacht
  • Heavy lift
  • Chartering

Multi Marine Services has created a collaboration with the Spliethoff Group, assisting the Dutch shipowner in the complex embarkation and disembarkation of yachts.

This partnership has led to the expansion of services and the creation of the MMS Yacht Services brand, dedicated to a complete assistance for yachts in the Mediterranean area.

MMS Yacht Services now offers a full range of services for yachts, ensuring 360-degree assistance. Our experience allows us to meet the specific needs of owners and operators, offering customized and high-quality solutions.

Main Activities:

  • Assistance to captains
  • Food and beverage
  • Guest services (concierge services)
  • Technical support
  • Assistance with shipping and transport

Sinalefi is a maritime agency founded in 2023 as a joint project between two Genoese holding companies, Finsea and IL Investimenti which deal with agency services and assistance in maritime works.

It was selected by the Fincantieri Infrastructure Opere Marittime and the PerGenova Breakwater Consortium, in September 2023, to assist all vessels headed for the Ligurian capital to unload stone material for the new offshore breakwater of Genoa. This specific project will also aid loading ports.

Sinalefi is the latest in a series of projects involving these two Genoese companies: the founding of Terminal Sech di Calata Sanità, the establishment of the Logtainer company, which is today the leading intermodal operator in the Northwest, to Derrick, (with four container depots between Genoa and Livorno) and also to BN di Navigazione, a shipping company in the passenger traffic sector. These joint ventures inspired the name of the company, being the anagram of the two holdings, recalling the term synalepha: from Greek, fusion together.

Main Activities:

  • Maritime works

The maritime agency Yang Ming (Italy) has represented the shipowner Yang Ming Marine Transport Corporation in Italy since 1980, the flag carrier of Taiwan. Today it is a joint venture between the Taiwanese shipowner and Finsea and represents the most productive agency in Europe for this maritime carrier.

The main office is in Genoa with operational offices in Livorno and La Spezia and sub-agencies in Naples, Venice, and Rijeka.

Together Yang Ming has prospered in Italy. During the first 15 years it was the most important carrier in Italy to and from the Far East. Since then, progress continues relying on the same professionalism of the last forty years; the goal focused on customer satisfaction and market research, that extends over the entire national territory.

Yang Ming (Italy) is a company certified according to the ISO 9001 quality system and is subject to an annual audit by DNV-GL; in 2010 it obtained the status of AEOF Operator from the Italian customs.

Main Activities:

  • Maritime container transport



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Yang Ming (Italy)

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