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e began our adventure in the cabotage and passenger and cargo transport sector with the privatization of Tirrenia, the former Italian state company.

Today, we operate through two shipping companies: BluNavy, established in 2010 with the Piombino-Portoferraio route, and Ichnusa Lines, inaugurated in 2021 with the Santa Teresa Gallura-Bonifacio connection. Both companies are actively involved in the territory through strategic partnerships.

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Passenger and Cargo Transport

We are active in the cabotage and passenger and cargo transport sector, operating through two shipping companies in Italy.

In 2010 Blunavy founded a connection route between Piombino and Portoferraio. BluNavy is a young and vibrant company that has grown rapidly in service quality and customer satisfaction, forging increasingly strong bonds, through partnerships with associations and private investors in the territory.

Finsea inaugurated the second shipping company Ichnusa Lines in 2021, together with San Giorgio del Porto. The connection between Santa Teresa Gallura and Bonifacio uses the newly renovated ship Ichnusa.

This offers passengers the opportunity to cross the Strait of Bonifacio, a splendid but difficult passage, on a ship built with a stabilization system designed specifically for adverse weather conditions.

Shipping Lines
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BluNavy is an Italian shipping company operating in the cabotage and passenger and cargo transport sector inaugurating the first connection route between Piombino and Portoferraio in 2010. BluNavy has grown rapidly in service quality and become a symbol of the Island of Elba.

The commitment and spirit of the company have allowed it to forge bonds with associations and private investors, collaborate with maritime professionals and synergize with the entire Elban territory.

    Ichnusa Lines was founded in 2021 by two Genoese companies, the Finsea Group and the San Giorgio del Porto shipyards, respectively active in the logistics and ship repair sectors. Their meeting point has always been the sea linking activities and entrepreneurial timelines.

    Genova Trasporti Marittimi is a merger that now manages Ichnusa Lines and offers a maritime transport service that connects people through the challenging Strait of Bonifacio. The ship ensures safe and comfortable navigation, even under difficult weather conditions, thanks to its advanced stabilization system.

    The voyage between Corsica and Sardinia becomes an unforgettable sea adventure with Ichnusa Lines.


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